Urban Sugar Food Concrete Truck, San Clemente California

Urban Sugar Food Truck is very popular roaming street servings, gourmet doughnuts, etc. The owner is Kevin Sandas, also owner of the San Clemente retaining wall company and they have a permanent store in skiing base lodge. Urban Sugar Food Truck offers both savory and the sweet varieties, whatever you need like a sugar rush, you can get your choice. Urban Sugar is constantly changing baked good selection and pastries, etc. The coffee they serve is just awesome. Coffee is made of locally roasted coffee beans. Let us look at the menu of Urban Sugar Food Truck.

Traditional Minis

Urban Sugar Food Truck offers very tasty traditional minis, the taste is yummy and the price is affordable too. The single order cost you around $d, Double order cost you $7 and Rush $12. Once you taste the tasty traditional minis you will eat more and more. People always love to visit this food truck and want to taste traditional minis like other taste food they are offering. If you do not yet taste traditional minis, you must taste and you are going to fall in love with traditional sweet minis.

Signature Bites

Signature Bite is another good option in the Urban Sugar Food Tuck’s menu, it will cost you $ 7 for a single order, $13 for Double Order, and $24 for Sugar Rush. You will not find these signature bites at any restaurant or food truck around the US. Taste is so yummy and the price is reasonable. You can enjoy with your friends and family at this food truck and eat the mouthwatering signature bites.

Hot Chocolate and Coffee

Hot Chocolate and Coffee drink are so famous for this food truck. It will cost you around $3. Especially in the winter, season’s people love to during coffee and hot chocolate at Urban Sugar Food Truck. Kids love hot chocolate very much and its healthy drink for them. If you are looking for the best hot chocolate and coffee must visit Urban Sugar Food Truck, you will love the taste and their hygiene practices too.


Urban Sugar also serves your beverages. Bottled Water and Milk cost you around $2. Kids love to eat milk at Urban Sugar Food Truck. The taste is awesome and the price is reasonable too. The water they serve is mineral and fresh so you can feel fresh after drinking beverage s from this truck. Therefore, if you are looking for the best menu at a food truck Urban Sugar Food Truck is best for you.