Top Restaurants in the United States

this picture shows the top restaurants in the united states the j. g. melon

J.G Melon

Deemed as one of the most popular burger joints in New York City, J.G Melon has been serving food for quite a while. It was opened at Third Avenue, 1927, by George Mourges and Jack O’Neill, hence the J and G in the restaurants’ name (J for Jack, and G for George).

The melon in the name refers to artworks hung up in the eatery, which depict pictures of melons. Throughout the years, it gained momentum and people started frequenting it, that now, you have to wait or reserve in advance to get a seat. But customers say it is worth the wait since the food is of stellar quality. The restaurant’s ambiance has touches of the fifties and sixties, with gingham table cloths and its rusty interiors. The restaurant has been frequented by a number of famous people, such as Gigi Hadid (who claimed it was the best burger place she’s ever tried in New York City), and Bobby Flay.


This family-owned establishment has proved its worth over the years by serving one of the best bagels in midtown New York since 1967, which is evident by the long lines that queue every morning for a taste of the gooey deliciousness that it serves.

Ess-a-bagel was co-founded and managed by a couple who owned a doughnut food shop but had to close it due to financial reasons. After shutting down their first business, they decided to open a bagel store, which has been running successfully up until now. Ess-a-bagel is one of the few places that bake their bagels in-store using fresh dough, which is one of the many reasons that have earned them so much success.

this image shows one of the top restaurants in the united states, the louis lunch

Louis’ Lunch

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Louis’ Lunch is one of the oldest dining establishments in the U.S.A. It was originally opened in 1900 and started off as a small cart, and then became an actual physical building in 1917. According to its staff, the restaurant was opened due to people’s request for a hurried lunch, what we nowadays refer to as takeaway.

What is fascinating about this restaurant is that it was recognized by the Library of Congress as one of the first places to serve a burger in the U.S. The restaurant takes pride in this, and still serves burgers between slices of toast with onion and hearty cheese, and cooks the patties in old fashioned iron-cast grills.